T-Shirt Kissing Balloon
Sizes: XS
the T-shirt, to bridge with our communityOur white T-shirt Kissing Balloon is characterized by a graphic print showing two red balloons kissing on the left front and the back of the T-shirt. Crafted in Portugal, this piece exudes quality and craftsmanship from every stitch.

50,00 €*
T-Shirt Sheep
Sizes: XS
A t-shirt, with a different design perspectiveOur black T-shirt Sheep, where design meets purpose. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, it offers a slightly oversized fit for comfort and a unisex style. The focal point? A striking print of the Romedale sheep adorns the front, bordered by LD-13 statements, adding depth and meaning to your style. Available in classic black or crisp white, this t-shirt embodies versatility and timeless appeal, perfect for any occasion. Produced and ethically made in Portugal, each shirt reflects our commitment to quality and responsible production practices. 

60,00 €*
Turtleneck Kissing Balloon
Sizes: XS
an essentialThe black turtleneck Kissing Balloon is an essential in one's wardrobe. This iconic piece is crafted from 100% Swiss wool and embodies timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. The standout feature? Delicate LD-13 Kissing balloon embroidery adorns the collarbone, adding a touch of personality to your ensemble. Available in classic black, this turtleneck effortlessly elevates any outfit with its versatility and style. Designed and meticulously crafted in Bulgaria, this piece exudes quality and craftsmanship from every stitch. 

80,00 €*